Super Yacht 1300GP260(Red Spider)-RTR(Pistol Transmitter)

Super Yacht 1300GP260(Red Spider)-RTR(Pistol Transmitter)

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Super Yacht 1300GP260(Red Spider)-RTR(Pistol Transmitter)  
Boats > Ready-to-Run Boats > Gas Powered Large Boats
  Item No:  GL036DP 
Dimensions: 1170*430*260mm 
Weight: 12200g 
Brand: VANTEX 
List Price: US$450.00  
Gasoline GS26cc, w/ pistol LED transmitter 


Length: 1170mm 
Beam: 430mm 
Height: 260mm 
N.W.: 6660g 
G.W.: 12200g 
Engine: Gasoline 26cc 
Radio: 2 channels,pistol LED transmitter 
Material: Fiberglass composite(FRP) 
Propeller: D78×P1.4,aluminum double-blade semi-submerged prop 
Hull type: Tunnel 
Based on a high speed tunnel hull design 
Stainless steel exhaust pipe 
New copper plating flex shaft and shaft sleeve make transmission more smoothly 
Enhanced engine heat sink 
Enhanced carburetor offers sharp control for throttle 
New waterproof radio box with proper size 
Clutch let the boat idle safely 
High-quality aluminum alloy rudder by CNC machine offers sharp handling and durability 
High-quality, prepainted fiberglass composite hull and canopy 
Stainless steel screws and nuts 
Custom boat stand included 
Giftbox size: 1230*490*280mm 
Carton size: 1250*510*300mm 
Qty/Ctn: 1pcs 
1*20' container: 140pcs
BKD # 206142

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