Superfine heavy calcium carbonate powder production line

Superfine heavy calcium carbonate powder production line

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1. Heavy calcium carbonate grinding equipment
Heavy calcium powder ( calcium carbonate ) is by mechanical grinding to reach required fineness, mainly has two kinds of wet and dry process. The existing dry grinding equipments, are mainly Raymond mill, jet mill and ball mill, etc.

Our ball mill adopts a miniature grinding media and related technology, solving the problems of aggregation, sticking to medium and a lining plate when the material is ground to a certain size. Changing the inner structure of ball mill, solves the problem of the smooth discharge of material; and the use of wear-resistant materials, solves the contradiction between grinding media gradation stability and wear, so as to meet the requirements of superfine grinding operation such as stable production, high annual utilization rate, large scale ; and compared with other grinding equipments, its unit power consumption is greatly reduced, comprehensive ability classics index advanced, easy to maintain, with good prospects for development.

2. Heavy calcium carbonate powder production process

1)crushing process: in order to improve output of ball mill, coarse powder of 80 - 150 mesh crushed by the existing raymond mill will be directly sent into grinding head warehouse of ball mill. From the scale of the production line, a raymond mill machine's yield is enough. 

2)Input device : the recycled coarse powder to 3-5t / h are sent into a screw conveyor,then into the bucket elevator, and put into the grinding head warehouse.

3)Grinding process: under the production process, calcite thick powder belonging to coarse material is easy block in the warehouse. In order to make the material smoothly, the warehouse should be equipped with decompression cone, and inertial vibrating feeder and a spiral
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