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Supply Touch Screen

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Sinodel Electronic Holding Ltd


Sinodel Electronic Holding Ltd is a leading switching manufacturer of China, specialized in production of high quality membrane switch / keypad, nameplate, graphic overlay, FPC, touch screen and EL backlight.For more information, please visit sinodel dot com.

Touch screen spec:
1. Operating circuit rating: 4V ~ 6V, 35mA
2. Insulation resistance: 20m ohm or more at 25V DC
3. Dielectric withstand: 250V RMS (50 ~ 60Hz 1min)
4. Contact bounce: 30ms or less
5. Actuation force: 15 ~ 150g
6. Life expectancy: 5,000,000 closures
7. Surface hardness: 3H or more
8. Light transmission: 75 ~ 90%
9. Operating temperature: -10 ~ +60 C Deg
10. Storage temperature: -20 ~ +70 C Deg
11. Humidity: 90 ~ 95% (40C Deg) for 240h

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Olsansky Qiu
Sinodel Electronic Holding Ltd
3, East 1st Str., Changban New Village, Tianhe District
Guangzhou, Gangdong, 510650