SW-400-L Portable  Metallographic microscope

SW-400-L Portable Metallographic microscope

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The Portable Metallurgical Microscope is a self-contained portable metallurgical microscope that is ideal for use in the laboratory as well as in-situ examination. With its compact design and unique magnetic stand, the Portable Metallurgical Microscope can be attached to the curved surface of Metal material at a range of angles to the horizontal as well as to a flat surface. A polished and etched surface area can be viewed with this instrument at magnifications up to 500X, and the can be used with a digital camera or CCD image process system to download the image to a PC for data transfer, analysis, storage or printout.

* Compact design facilitates in-situ metallographic inspection of large or heavy items.
* Essentially nondestructive metallographic examination; no cutting of specimens.
* Easily adapted for microphotography.

*  Have the LED as a light source, and the  Brightness can be regulated

*  Magnetic stand with on/off switch

* X- and Y-axis slide movement allow careful examination of area of interest.

  * Have coarse focusing and fine coarse focusing Agencies

Standard Package
* Main microscope body with Led light source
* Two eyepieces: 10X, 12.5X
* Three objectives: 10X, 20X,40X
* Chargers

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