T3M 2.4G LED touch controller

T3M 2.4G LED touch controller

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T3M is the 2.4GHZ RF wireless synchronization/zone RGB controller which adopts LTECH multiple global initiate technology. The control system consists of two parts, the RF remote control and receiver, realize the signal synchronization on multiple receivers, zone controlled arbitrarily (not more than 10 zones) within effective distance, a very good solution for the LED project needs sync control wirelessly. User-friendly full-color touch wheel for color selection, unique LED state light for sync change indicated, user can simply know the LED working state from distance by checking the remote control.
RF remote control can realize long-range control switch, pause, changing modes, changing speed and the brightness, etc. Satisfied with your requirement of unified control multiple zones, group control at will or control alone, which it is easy to use.
Performance Features
1. Adopt 2.4GHZ RF wireless transmission technology, which is applicable for license and patent free     worldwide.
2. Built-in with dual core driver, make it 10 times of processing speed. can process the wireless data     transmission in complicated and multiple levels.
3. Advanced RF and wireless sync/zone control technology, no sync signal wire between receivers, sync    capability is stable and reliable.
4. Remote controller adopts the capacitive touch control technology on the full color wheel, make the LED     color selection more user-friendly.
5. Built-in sync state light, can display the LED color in static or changing state synchronously.
6. Any operation on the remote controller or any receiver can command all receivers to work wirelessly and     synchronously.
7. Color changing scene mode and preset storage function.
8. USB charging port.
1.	Architectural decorations: Commercial center, airport, Metro station.
2.	Indoor decorations: Hotel, Plaza, Restaurant, Bar and home decoration.
3.	Commercial sign and billboard
4.	Other places that uses RGB LED light.
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