T5 converter

T5 converter

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T5 adapter is for updating T8, T10, and T12 fluorescent lamp to T5. Easy-fit T5 adapter saves both energy and installation costs. T5 consumes only a fraction of the energy required by the traditional T8, T10 and T12 tubes while maintain the same brightness, moreover, with the electronic ballast in the adapter, the replacement will give more than 40% energy saved. And it's installable on existing T8/10/12 lamp frame; the installation is the same way as replacement of a burnt tube. All you need to do is to replace the old tube and starter by the adapter with T5 tube and new starter. It's all.

Replaces T8 /T10/ T12 fluorescent tubes with mechanical ballast (with/out correction capacitor).
- More than 40% power savings + More Environmentally friendly Components = green lighting
- Advanced technology, and perfect performance, warm start, PF>0.98, THD<10%, wide voltage (85-265V), no flicker or hum.
- Easy DIY install, no need to rewire (only several minutes, no touch existing Fluorescent fittings, just replace T12 or T8 tube by T5 adapter and tube, then starter replacement, that's ok).
- reliable quality and Long Life, ballast two years and tube 8000 hours
- Complies with CE
- Use for offices, supermarkets, schools, hospitals etc.

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