Talc powder production line

Talc powder production line

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Talc powder application:
Talc powder has various use, such as for refractory materials, paper, rubber, fillers, pesticides, absorbent, leather paint, make-up materials and carving materials and so on. Talc is an important ceramic raw materials for ceramics billet and glaze, as a chemical material into the glaze, in order to cool down, improve the role of glaze roughness. And the talc is also used in medicine.

The talc powder processing equipment:
Mainly use milling talc production line to produce talc powder, through the mill, grinding into fine powder of various particle size, and then applied to various fields. The whole structure of the mill consumer line contain the host, analysis, piping device, blower, jaw crusher, bucket promotion machine, hopper, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, distribution cabinet and other components. Talc milling equipment always adopt vertical milling machine, super pressure trapezium mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, ring medium speed micro powder mill, and strengthen ultrafine mill, and these milling equipment have their own advantages, which can meet different milling fineness requirements so that users can choose based on specific consumer needs.

Talcum powder production process:
Large bulk material crushing by jaw crusher to the desired particle size material, are sent to the hopper by elevator, and then vibrating feeder will feed evenly quantitative continuously into the grinding chamber for grinding. After grinding ,the powder will be taken away by the fan airflow. Though grading of analysis machine, the talcum powder that is in line with the required fineness of the powder enter into the large air cyclone collector for separation collection, then finished powder is discharged through the pollen tube. Airflow then is inhaled back into air blower by the return duct at the top of cyclone collector.

In the actual consumption of talc, talc material firstly needs to be broken into small pieces, then sent into grinding mill processing, so not only can greatly improve the efficiency of consumption, but also reduce the wear of the mill to extend the mill life. Thus, Choose quality guaranteed crusher, grinding machine equipment is very important and essential, which directly impact on the quality and use of talcum powder.
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