Tea and juice filling machine

Tea and juice filling machine

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Machine introduction:
Gongda Machine Exclusive in the country has a mature high-speed PET bottle aseptic cold filling technology which is used extensively in beverage industry.For high-acid products and low acid products, the overall system efficiency of disinfection can be achieved 5D or 6D design value.Wet sterilization process using PAA as a sterilization agent stable, after heating for the bottle, cap and other packaging materials for sterilization. By way of sterile isolator implementation unit within the classification of clean room through the pressure to maintain.
    Production capacity:2000BPH-40000BPH
Technology character:
Multi-wheeled red spray disinfectant and cleaning technology to ensure process safety.
Mechanical or electronic pulsed nozzle, saving both stability and reliability and performance.
Non-contact filling head, to avoid cross-contamination to ensure microbiological safety.
Electronic sensor constant volume displacement flow meter, accurate and reliable.
Aseptic capping machines, self-lubricating ceramic bearing, matching cap servo motor-driven machine.
Disinfectant type or line jetting-type cap sterilizer.
Automated process monitoring, control and data reporting system of record, all key aspects of the production line for aseptic monitoring.
 PET aseptic filling system consists of the following subsystems:
·         Sterilizing solution deployment system
·         Empty bottle sterilization unit
·         Cap sterilization unit
·         Aseptic material UHT sterilization machine
·         Aseptic material storage and temperature keeping system
·         Aseptic water UHT sterilization machine
·         Aseptic air compressor
·         CIP/SIP System
·         Aseptic separating system
·         Hundred grad aseptic room
·         Aseptic area
·         Waste air area
·         Liquid sealing system
·         Pure steam generator
·         Liquid-nitrogen adding system
·         Aseptic filling 5-in-1 machine
·         PLC system
Data monitoring and recording system
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