TechAdhesion hot meltTAF/TMF Fiber Head

TechAdhesion hot meltTAF/TMF Fiber Head

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TechAdhesion Systems Ltd.
5/F, Block 3, Dong Fang Ming Industrial Park, 83 Dabao Road District 33, Bao An, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518101, China
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Up to 40%-60% adhesive saving 
Low viscosity (50~100 cps) application
0.5gsm lowest coated weight, up to 5.0 m width
Uniform fiber deposition, less resistance fluid absorb speed
Single screw nozzle attachment for quick change
Preheated air by heated spiral tube design option
Long life stainless steel nozzle, different design nozzle for option of different applications

Especially for single or muti-strand coating 
Direct coating up to over 80% adhesive on the strand

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