TechAdhesion PUR Drum Unloader

TechAdhesion PUR Drum Unloader

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The TechAdhesion TA Drum 20L / 200L  Air-Operated Unloader is a stationary drum unloader that combines a heated platen, pump and all controls needed to melt and dispense hot melt adhesives, sealants or coatings from a standard 20/200 liter steel pail (Europe standard).
Main Feature
Digital Temperature Settings and Display 
Low Cost 
High Performance Melting 
High Volume Delivery 
Heavy Duty Rugged Construction 
Dispensing of Low to High Viscosity Materials 
(P.I.D.) Temperature Controls 
Panel Mounted LED Diagnostic Display
Can be adapt to most use of Nordson or be the replacement of Nordson
       TechAdhesion products are used around the world in the appliance, automotive, bookbinding, construction, container, converting, electronics, food and beverage, furniture, medical, metal finishing, non-woven, packaging, semiconductor, life sciences and other diverse industries.
       There are various other products in TechAdhesion, Such as, hot melt machine, coating machine, hot melt adhesive equipment, hot melt spray equipment, piston pump and gear pump, hot melt hose, hot melt gun/applicator/head/handgun, lamination machine, packaging machine, hot melt part for baby diaper, adult diaper, sanitary napkin, sanitary pad, non-woven, bookbinding, packaging and paper converting , high speed stacker, tension control device for diaper production line, baby /adult diaper machine, sanitary napkin machine, PUR hot melt machine, PUR glue, PUR adhesive, PUR drum & pail unloader, PUR bookbinding (machine), PUR hot melt gun, PUR bookbinding gun,5 gallon drum unloader
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