TechAdhesion tension control device(KTF)

TechAdhesion tension control device(KTF)

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Size:			4 Spindle Type : W800mm H2000mm D1000mm		
			(Size change is available)		
Power Supply:			AC 100/200V 1 Phase 50/60 Hz		
Power Consumption:			Max. 300 W		
Feeding Speed: Max. 2500 m/mim					
Tension:  programmable, 0.5 gr to 99.5 gr					
Standard system has 4 spindles.					
The tension controller (KTF) can be installed separately.					
Tension meter for the production management is available. (Optional)					
Data management system is available. (Optional)					
Feeds elastic constantly ( with roller adding tail)					
Standard feeding device to change roller easilly					
Separator prevents winding as the device moves up and down while feeding					
Adjusting device with wheels makes for easy system installation					
Features of Creel Stand System	of the Creel Stand System					
Prevents yarn-tying so the machine does not stop and thus saves time						
Reduces material costs						
Reduces unstable tension generated during constatnt yarn feeding						
This system keeps an unsuitable tension due to the feeding at a minimum level.						
KTF, a well-known tension control device, is installed in this system.						
Elastic tension detected by tension sensor is transported to the motor. Running synchronously,  						
the system stabilizes the tension. Elastic with more than 200 dtex is available, espacially for thick thread.
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