Tempered Laminated Glass

Tempered Laminated Glass

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, had garnered ISO9001: 2000 & National CCC Compulsory Certification, We have almost 100 sets of processing equipments, such as INTERMAC automatic cutting machines, INTERMAC processing center with 3 axes and 5 axes made in Italy. BOVONE 371 trimming machines, BOVONE 1745 multilevel edge machines, tamglass tempering furnaces with forced convective system are made in Finland and automatic double glazing production line is the most advanced in the world.

Laminated glass is manufactured by bonding two or more layers of glass together with layers of PVB, EVA or SGP under heat and pressure, to create a single sheet of glass. When broken, the PVB interlayer keeps the layers of glass bonded and prevents it from breaking apart. The interlayer can also give the glass a higher sound insulation rating.


Laminated glass could stop external force attack and the chips will be bind with PVB after breakage to avoid making harm to person. And even the glass could still resist attack from wind and rain in breakage status.

Laminated glass is very effective in blocking ultraviolet rays from the sunlight. A blocking rate as high as 99% can be achieved.

PVB film can insulate and absorb sound so as to reduce noise.

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