Tensioner Bearing

Tensioner Bearing

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Our tensioner bearing products are widely used for the car tyes of MITSUBISH, VOLKSWAGEN, PASSAT, TOYOTA, HYUNDAI, FORD, BENZ, VOLVO, SUZUKI, PEUGEOT and son on, our 85% products are exported to South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Pakistan, U. A. E. Mexico, USA and EU. Our items are more than 80kinds, mainly including (GMB company's standard) GT80080, GT80470, GT10010, GT10130, GT10410, GT10022, GT10050, GT10060, GT10070, GT20010, GT20020, GT20040, GT80070, GT80140, GT80150, GT10204, GT30010, GT40010, GT80010, GT80030, and so on. The following is some of our products in SKF code:

VKM75612, VKM75601, VKM75100, VKM75006, VKM75008, VKM85000, VKM75144, VKM16101, VKM71002, VKM75044,
VKM754600, VKM74200, VKM11000, VKM11010, VKM74201, VKM16210, VKM71001, VKM24210, VKM24211, VKM81001,
VKM76102, VKM77300, VKM71202, VKM71003, VKM81004, VKM76103, VKM77401, VKM13201, VKM76202, VKM81100,
VKM71007, VKM74004, VKM76001, VKM71201, VKM71100, VKM81201, VKM16000, VKM26101, VKM25212, VKM75012.

We warmly welcome to inquire about our products, we will provide you with quality products and service.

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