Textile Laser Cutting Machine

Textile Laser Cutting Machine

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1. Laser cutting machine design with UniSmartCut controller which is based on advanced DSP technology for improving the performance, dedicated speed controller software design ensures fast and stable moving, plus automatic laser compensation technology.
2. Cutting the printed images or contour cut, raster pictures cutting.
3. Suitable for end-user who has a high requirements on the precision of cutting, it is widely used for most of popular application such as garment, leather, toy, computer embroidery, electronics, handcraft, advertisement, decoration, building upholster, package materials, printing, paper products, etc.
4. Give the user best usability&reliability, higher acceleration and speed, plus high precision and accuracy.

Applicable Materials:

Textiles&Fabrics, Wood&Plywood, Rubber, Plastic, Acrylic, Films&Foils, Foam, Paper, Packing box, Leather, Arts&crafts, Electronics parts, Non-metal materials, and bamboo products, touch screens, etc.
Above includes materials commonly processed by laser, for questions on other materials please contact an applications specialist.

Please note that you should contact the supplier directly about stock, payment, packaging, shipping and delivery details.
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