three heads Sky Searchlight YK-604

three heads Sky Searchlight YK-604

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Product Details

Suitable place: especially suitable for outdoor usage

Voltage: AC220V-380V

Input voltage: AC220V-380V/ 50Hz-60Hz

Input current: 56-72A

Current of lamp: >72A(three lamps,2kw each)

Voltage of lamp: 27-39V

Rated power: 8800w(xenon lamp, 2000w/three heads)

Lamp spec:xenon lamp 2kw-5kw

Lamp life expectancy: 1000hours(light become weak  after using  600 hours )

Intensity of electricity resistance:1.5kv

Insulation resistance: > 2M

Control mode: stand-alone mode

Color-effect: white, red, blue, green, yellow are optional

Adjustment angle: horizontal 360° clockwise and wither shins continuous rotating,vertical:45°

Dimmer: orientation function

Light beam angle:0.6-0.8 ° 

Waterproof level:IP54

beam distance Range: 5-7km

Size: 126*126*147cm

Net weight: 325kg

Gross weight: 560kg
BKD # 591505

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