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The three-way for pipe fittings, pipe fittings. Three-way or three-way pipe also known as pipe fittings, tees, and the main channel at the branch pipe.
Stainless steel and Equal Tee
Three-way diameter and Reducing points, and so on are the same size in diameter tee to take over the end; Reducing tee in charge of the same size to take over, take over the size of the manifold is less than competent takeover size.
Three links is a pipe for pipe branches. In terms of the three-way for the use of seamless pipe manufacturing process usually used hydraulic bulging and hot forming two.
a hydraulic bulging
The three-way hydraulic bulging axial compensation through the metal material to bulge out of a branch pipe forming process. The process is the use of special hydraulic machine, liquid will be injected into the three-way equal to the diameter of the tube squeeze tube, tube squeezed smaller size, tube within synchronized in movement through two horizontal side of the hydraulic press cylinder the liquid with the billets volume becomes small pressure increases, when the three-way branched pipe bulge out the required pressure is reached, the metal material in the mold cavity along the flow in the dual role of the side fluid pressure within the cylinder and tube bulge branched pipe.
Three-way hydraulic bulging process can be time forming, higher production efficiency; increased in three-way competent and shoulder wall thickness.
Larger equipment required tonnage hydraulic bulging process seamless tee, is mainly used for manufacturing of less than DN400 the standard wall thickness of three-way. It applies a molding material is a relatively low tendency for the cold hardening of low carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, including some non-ferrous metal materials, such as copper, aluminum, titanium, etc..
b hot forming
Three-way hot press forming will be larger than the tee diameter of the hollow shell, flattened to approximately tee size of the diameter, to open a hole in the stretched branched pipe portion; blank tube by heating, placed in a molding die, and the tube billet loaded tensile branched pipe of the die; billets under pressure by radial compression, in the radial compression of the process flow of metal into the direction of the branch pipe and the branch pipe is formed in the die tensile. The entire process is radially compressed by the hollow shell and branched pipe parts of the stretching process and the forming. The hydraulic bulging tee is different is that the metal of the hot-pressing the three-way branched pipe is to be compensated by the radial movement of the blank tube, it is also called radial compensation process.
Cold-drawn three-way
Suppression due to the use of heated tee, material forming the equipment needed Ton reduced. Hot pressing three links wide adaptability of materials, suitable for low-carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel materials.

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