Titanium plate rolling mill production line

Titanium plate rolling mill production line

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We,Qiaolian Design Institute Co.,ltd. are ISO9001 certificated manufacturer and exporter of steel rolling mill,steel smelting plant,cold rolling mill,metallurgical machinery and forging equipments.

Here are the product range we are offering on tern key base or single sale.
1.Steel billet production line  
(1) Furnace and Caster 
2.Steel rolling mill production line  
(1) Hot rolling mill to produce Rebar,Wire rod,Angle,Flatbar,Rail and Section steel etc. 
(2) Steel plate/coil/strip/flange plate rolling mill production line 
3.Cold rolling mill production line  
(1) Aluminum sheet continuous caster rolling mill production line 
(2) Titanium plate production line 
(3) Stainless steel production line 
(4) Cold rolling mill tandem,semi-tandem,reversible,4hi,6hi,12hi 20hi sendzimir mill,steckel mill
4.Other metallurgical production line  
(1) Seamless pipe production line 
(2) Welded pipe and H beam production line. 
(3) Shearing and slitting production line 
(4) Alkaline cleaning and pickling production line 
(5) Color coating production line 
(6) Copper plate rolling mill production line 
5.Forging equipment  
(1) Hydraulic press,Quick forging,Pre-bending machine,Precision forging machine etc. 
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