Titanium production process

Titanium production process

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Titanium recycling of titanium lode is carried out in magnetic separation tailings after electing the iron ore concentrate. Titanium beneficiation has gravity election, magnetic separation, electrostatic separation and flotation method , which varies depending on the nature of the ore. Choose appropriate beneficiation methods to form a different process for sorting.Now used in the industrial beneficiation process are as the following types:

Titanium gravity election - electrostatic separation process
Gravity election - the electrostatic separation process is characterized by a rough selection of re-election, the electrostatic separation for selection. The common used gravity-election equipment is spiral concentrator (spiral chute), followed by shaking. Cone concentrator for gravity-election is also popular, and the purpose of gravity-election of the roughing stage is to discard the low-density gangue, achieve coarse concentrate for supply of electric separation . Electrostatic separation equipment used in the election adopts the roller-type electric machine, the purpose of which is to make the crude concentrate further enrichment after gravity separation, so that products meet the standard of the final concentrate. For sulfur minerals, between the rough selection and further election process , usually sulfur ore flotation acts as an auxiliary process for removal of sulfide ore.

Gravity election - magnetic separation - flotation sepration process
Gravity election - magnetic separation - flotation process characteristics are as below:  raw material ore for titanium dressing is graded first, and rough selection of the coarse fraction , gravity election for rough selection while magnetic selection for further selection, fine-grained level adopt flotation separation. Gravity election often use double shaking table, magnetic separation use dry magnetic separator. The flotation feed size is generally -0.074 mm, and flotation agent is various, such as sulfuric acid, sodium fluoride, oleic acid, diesel oil and pine oil.

Titanium production line machinery:
Ilmenite beneficiation full set of equipment are: jaw crusher, hammer crusher, dry mill, wet ball mill, cone ball mill, tube mill, ceramic ball mill, magnetic separator, mining flotation machine spiral classifier, cylindrical screen, high frequency screen, shaker, trough feeder, rotary dryer, mineral mixing barrels and other equipment.
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