Top Guided Single Seated Series Control Valve

Top Guided Single Seated Series Control Valve

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Top Guided Single Seated Series Control Valve
GYL-20000 series Top Guided Single Seated Control Valve,the trim is interchangeable in body.Its content to various technics liquid process by replacing the different trim assembled.moreover the trim in the valve are interchangeable between GYL-20000 series control valve with GYL-40000 series Cage Guided control valve.

Technology brief introduction

Top Guided Single Seated Control Valve is the furthest common control valve type, simple structure,are used for strict sealed close situation.single application valve can be controled the Maximum flow rate by changing the size of plug and seat ring.setting fluid characteristics by changing the curved surface. They are applicable in a wide scope of liquid services as well as steam/gas services.

As a result of high-pressure fluid is generally holded the load to add the whole area of bottom seat,made the single plug to be endured huge Unbalanced force from fluid,relative to the control valve with Balanced trim,the allowable pressure drops is much less for single seated valve on the Process Control.

GYL-20000 series have some kinds Connecting format: Flanged (BF,RJ, concavo-convex); Weld ends (2 " below to be SW, 3" over to be BW)

GYL-20000 series have favorable Interchangeability,be reached different flow characteristics by replacing different trim,to get much higher Precision of Control.and by replacing to be GYL-40000 series trim,can be increased the maximal allowable pressure drops on the circumstance of same actuator output thrust,and reducing noise, and dispelling or reduce the effects of cavitation.

Single seated valve size is 3/4-8, actuator for standard diaphragm type, although smaller size are in common use,but the biggest size is for 12, therefore should collocate actuator with more thrust,when selected the biggest size single seated valve.

In the case of Cryogenic Service,its showed choiceness for single seated valve trim structure. Extraction type cryogenic valve is the most characteristic performance of single seated valve. In no contact with the valve body and bonnect,trim can be extracted for replacing and maintenance.

Among different type valve body,single seated valve have trim structure with the eastist collocation.for example, angle valve.

GYL-20000 series have some standard pressure grade. JIS, ANSI CLASS,JB/T79-94

By metal seat,the suitable temperature range is -196- +538,and by soft seat,the suitable temperature range is -45- +200.

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