Towel Ring-DP5205

Towel Ring-DP5205

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Material-----The Dipai products are that 100% with the pure brass casting, feel sink. The zinc products casting is weight light in the market, plating turn white generally. Zinc alloy is a characteristic of low density, many air vent, electroplate layer easy to bubble, turn white and pollute the environment, does not accord with the national standard either, at the same time of low grade. The copper is the only callback nature metal, belong to the green products of environmental protection. Electroplate Cohesion of copper higher than zinc alloy and stainless steel, durable in use.
Electroplate --- The Dipai products must through pickle, copper plating, nickel plating, polishing, and then chromium nickel plating. Plate chromium liquid chemical material all adopt the import raw materials. It is less in above 25 micron for thickness to reach, and every trough products undergo acid destruction testing more than 96 hours. The salt fog testing for more than 200 hours, is far higher than the international standard.
Polish----The Dipai products are from rough to process to polish, there are a lot of processes, the polishing is seven, more than eight degrees. We check in strictly, reaches 36 processes. Each process wants 100% to examine by staff, quality examine person who examine 100% by herself, examine executive to inspect by random samples. So our products all details are perfect.
Copper tube-- The general copper copper tube thickness of 0.6-0.8 mm. Dipai copper tube is in charge of in 1.0mm at least More than1. 5 mm. The thickness differs by more than one again, so Dipai products feel specially sink.

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