Trailed Chain Harrows

Trailed Chain Harrows

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Trailed chain harrow is comprised of harrow section and drawbar which connects the chain harrow with the tractor or any vehicle. The one point that tells the different between trailed and mounted chain harrow is that the former one hasn't frame. Due to this reason, it is easy to extend the working area by adding or reducing harrow section.

Heavy duty draw bar of trailed chain harrow

Chain harrow section can be capable to accompany with various frames and drawbars. 13mm diameter high quality carbon steel ensures that the extreme strength with a high resistance to wear. Harrow section comes in 3' length and 7' width. For special sizes, custom sizes are provided.

Both our mounted and trailed chain harrows use 13mm diameter tines. Additional weight during harrowing maximizes performance. Heavier tine will penetrate the ground quickly and efficiently. At the same time, thicker tine saves time, fuel and also wear and tear.
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