Tri-Mount Plastic Case

Tri-Mount Plastic Case

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Tri-Mount plastic modular case offers packaging to wide range of applications from automotive industry to home/building automation because of its unique three mounting feature of 8 pin / 11 pin, DIN Rail and Wall mounting. Typical applications are Relays, Timers, Transducers, Transmitters, Thermostat, Sensing and Monitoring Devices.
Tri-Mount Case having cover dimension 43 x 78 x 76 mm is designed to have snapped together verity of base plate that offers different types of mounting to the case. Case cover has PCB Guides for two vertical PCBs and it can also accommodate with spacer a horizontal PCB ideal for holding signaling devices / indicators and switches. One type of Base plate offers 8 pin / 11 pin socket mounting facility and other type of Base plate is designed to offer Rail / Wall mounting facility. Innovative designed pair of clips can be snapped in the holes of the Base plate at two different positions. Clips snapped in to outer hole position of base plate offers Wall mounting facility and by just changing it to inner hole position it facilitate case a rail mounting option. Case is designed for customer specific solution in Termination for rail/ wall mounting application. Case Base PCB has space on both sides for terminals. Customer can use our standard lug size terminal or can use standard commercial terminals of phoenix, weidmuller, Wago, Molex and other suppliers. The structured surface with erosion-structure gives high aesthetic look to Tri-Mount Plastic Case. Customized solutions are possible like cutouts for potentiometers, switches, LED, etc. and custom colors and special markings.

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