TWXF135285 20kv 5000pf 3000kva capacitor

TWXF135285 20kv 5000pf 3000kva capacitor

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Vishay Draloric TWX, TWXF 135285 Watercooled Power RF-Capacitors
(External Cooling)
Manufacturer Supply 20KV 5000pf 3000Kva (20KV 6000pf 3000Kva) Water Cool Ceramic capacitor
TWX 12KVp to 20KVp
TWXF 10KVp to 25KVp
Rated Voltage (V): 10KV to 30KVDC
Capacitance Range: 100pF to 10000pF
Reactive Power: 1000KVA to 4000KVA
RF induction & dielectric heating equipments. Mianly for bypass, feedback & coupling circuits
High Frequency heating & TV broadcast power transmitting
High Voltage Broadcasting & Telecommunication
High frequency welded pipe, High frequency drying, High frequency electric oven,
Plastic thermal bonding machine and radio communication equipment
High Power Equipments
Water Cooling System, Power Distribution Systems, Electrical Control Panels, Power Factor Panel, Motor Control Panel, High Frequency Induction heating power systems
Rated Voltage: 5000V, 8000V, 10KV, 11KV, 12KV, 13KV, 14KV, 15KV, 16KV, 18KV, 20KV, 21KV, 22.5KV, 25KV, 30KV,
Capacitance: 100pf, 200pf, 400pf, 500pf, 600pf, 750pf, 1000pf, 1500pf, 1600pf, 2000pf, 2200pf, 2500pf, 3000pf, 4000pf, 4700pf, 5000pf, 6000pf, 7500pf, 7600pf, 10000pf
Power: 1000Kva, 1100Kva, 1275Kva, 1500Kva, 2000Kva, 2500Kva, 2830Kva, 3000Kva, 3200Kva, 3395Kva, 3500Kva, 4000Kva
High Frequency High power ceramic capacitor Specifications:
1.Typical dissipation factor: <0.0008;
2.Volume resistivity: >10000M;
3. Permissible variation of rated capacitance: K(+/-10%);
4.Temperature range: -40/+85;
5. Rated temperature: +85C;
6. Maximum relative humidity: 75%;
7.Test voltage: 2 times of rated voltage if the rated voltage<15KV or 1.5 times of rated voltage if the rated voltage>15KV.
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