Type 86 fiber optic information panel4

Type 86 fiber optic information panel4

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1, overview
Optical fiber desktop box, also called optical fiber information box, optical fiber panel or information panel. Is a user terminal product that implements fiber to home solutions. It is used in home or work area to complete optical fiber access and port output, providing devices for fixing, opening, stripping, splicing and protecting optical fiber, and allowing a small amount of redundant optical fiber to be taken into account. The interior can be equipped with cold connectors, optical fiber field connectors, fuse protection bushings and other parts to meet the installation of various fiber optic cables (especially butterfly shaped lead-in cables). Optical fiber panel box made of engineering plastic materials, exquisite appearance, suitable for FTTH, FTTO, FTTD etc., can be conveniently used in various installation environment; matching with other family A86 panel, cable wiring and meet the maximum; can be installed 2 FC (type), SC, LC optical fiber interface adapter allowing users to form more optional; box of large diameter winding column on the box basically play a full protection of optical fiber.
2, product requirements
A) optical fiber panel box can be opened conveniently, easy to use, and have the function of dust.
B) can provide welding, cold, and other field connection connecting mode, and the optical fiber head provides fixed and protection.
C) can provide a single core or two core cable access port and output interface types for single or double SC LC adapter.
D) with fixed function butterfly into the optical cable and other conventional indoor and outdoor cable, and its performance is not affected.
E) has set fiber function to the remaining fiber.
F) fully meet the requirements of fiber bending radius can provide wire routing and protection of optical fiber.
G) Butterfly optic cable can be introduced from the side or bottom of the optical fiber socket box.
3, product performance parameters
A) optical fiber panel box is composed of a surface cover and the bottom box etc..
B) specifications with the type 86, type 86 is a box body size is 86mm * 86mm, a height of not less than 22 mm.
C) description can refer to drawings.
D) device of optical fiber panel fixed box single SC or dual SC type adapter. ??
E) optical fiber panel of the box cover, the bottom box adopts high-quality ABS plastic materials.
F) other properties, strictly implement the relevant national standards, industry product quality.

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