type of high pressure jer phase detectors

type of high pressure jer phase detectors

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Power system check phase is a regular work. The traditional fixed phase method adopts high voltage PT or high-pressure check appliances, the former equipment cumbersome and high-voltage lead down to PT very insecure, which depends on is faint glow instructions, easy to cause the mistakenly judgment.
My company launched HREC - 1 type of high pressure jer phase detectors, weigh only high-pressure PT weight of 1/20, easy to carry, safe and reliable operation, instructions, be clear at a glance, and is the necessary instruments high-pressure electrician.
HREC - 1 type series high-voltage fixed phase detectors (also called: school phase detectors, nuclear phase estimator)
Instrument measurement range 0.22kV,0.38kV,1kV~10kV~1000kV

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