type portable three-phase power box tests

type portable three-phase power box tests

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Power supply box is mainly for construction work in the field test equipment or instrumentation other occasions there is a demand to provide multi-channel distribution operation of the test power. Power boxes are used 220V or 380V AC input power, output current characteristics, electrical switches can be single points, single co-operation of the power supply. Our company produces the power box, and the small size, light weight, easy to carry, especially suitable for electrical equipment on-site commissioning. Standard configuration is a pure exchange type of the pointer display device.
    Description: The DC output can be customized or digital display or output AC / DC power supply continuous stepless adjustable function, users can choose according to demand  order: Another part of the cost of custom design.
Model Name: HRZD-3-380V three-phase test portable power box
Input voltage: AC 380V (220V), 50Hz
Output Voltage: AC 380V (220V), 50Hz (DC: 380V/220V tailored)
Output rated current: AC three-phase 30A, 15A single-phase
Leakage protection: 380V, 30A
Action current <30mA
Operating time <0.1S
Weight: 10kg
Size: 500x400x180 (H) mm

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