Ultra Fine Feed Hammer Mill

Ultra Fine Feed Hammer Mill

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Ultra Fine Feed Hammer Mill Introduction

SWFL series ultra fine feed hammer mill is a new-fashioned superfine grinding equipment which applies to various large,medium and small sized feed processing factories.it can grind all coarse materials such as corn,broomcorn,wheat,rice etc.after sieving,magnetic separation and powder mixing,so that we can get the ultra fine materials to meet the required standards.the products can be further processed as animal feed.

Main Structure of Ultra Fine Feed Hammer Mill

This SWFL series of ultra fine feed hammer mill mainly consists of rack,pulverizing system,grading system,feeder,crushing host drive part and grading motor drive part.

Remarkable Features of Ultra Fine Feed Hammer Mill

1.Widely used in feed,good,chemical industry,building materials,pharmaceutical and other industries,especially for finely grinding of grain powders for making aquatic feed pellets.
2.The grinding chamber and grading room is located in the same machine body so that crushing,wind grading and separation process can be completed simultaneously.
3.Built-in high precision micro wind grading,grinding fineness of 80-200 mesh,and can be arbitrary regulated.
4.Adopt high-strength alloy steel blade,wear-resistant,low production cost and long service life.
5.Main bearing equipped with water cooling system ensures continuous production without stopping.
6.Low power consumption,high capacity,stable performance and uniform size of finished products.
7.Two types:split type and integral type can be selected to meet different customers requirements.

Ultra Fine Hammer Mill Working Condition

1.SWFL series feed hammer mill should be installed in basement or the ground floor with the temperature of -5 to 40 Degree Celsius
2.Technically:It is matched with feed pellet mill and other equipment and compose feed production line
3.A steady output voltage is necessary and a deviation of 5% is allowed
4.The diameter of material feed into the hammer mill should be less than 1 mm,and the moisture lower than 12%

Ultra Fine Feed Hammer Mill Technical Data

Model Output(t/h) Main power(KW) Rotor diameter(mm) Rotor speed(rpm) Sieving motor power(KW) feeding motor power(KW)
AMSSWFL42 0.2-0.6 22 420 4865 4 0.55
AMSSWFL75 0.4-1.2 45 750 2598 5.5 0.75
AMSSWFL102 0.6-2.5 75/90 1020 1878 7.5 0.75
AMSSWFL128 0.8-3.5 110/132 1280 1558 15 2.2

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