Ultrasonic gemstone auto carving machine 3600W

Ultrasonic gemstone auto carving machine 3600W

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Dongtai Ultrasonic Gem Machine Co., Ltd.
100m east of Gateway of Sihui Avenue, Sihui City, Guangdong Province, China, xian, Shaanxi, 526200, China
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Main Parameter:
Working frequency:15kHz-20kHz
Drilling Depth:0-50mm
Drilling diameter:0.6-20mm
Function:This machine has large carving power and high speed.The max. carving head is 150#,suit for carving product under 15cm.The ultrasonic gem machine operate easily for drilling which is featured as high drilling speed and low fault rate. It applies auto track frequency protection,  and the overload protection minimize the machine fault rate. The drilling head is changeable for gem carving. The drilling force is auto adjusted according to load condition.
BKD # 805699

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