USB Hub Warmer, UHW-01

USB Hub Warmer, UHW-01

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How many times have you made a cup of tea or coffee and got distracted only to realize it has gone cold?
Now you will never have to drink tepid tea/coffee again! This USB Mug warmer plug directly into the USB port of your computer, no driver and other power source needed. Simply place your mug on top of the hot pad, and your mug will stay steamier for longer.
More USB devices like USB disk, MP3 player, USB light, etc may connect on the warmer. It acts as a powerful USB Hub!

1. Keep coffee/tea/drink warm at 40-70oC, 80oC in center
2. Suitable for any type of mug
3. Keep coffee/tea warm for any time interval
4. With translucent power indicating On/Off switch
5. No risk of burn, with enclosure made of quality insulation material
6. Easy installation, no driver and other power source needed, just Plug & Play
7. With 4 USB ports acts as USB Hub
8. Rated Power: 2.5W, 5V DC
9. Cable Length: 150cm, Pad diameter: 75mm
10. Optimum Cup Capacity: 150ml

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