Vacuum Recovery System

Vacuum Recovery System

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The manual type metal abrasive recovery wastes time and resources, but the vacuum recovery system will do this job in a most efficient, economical and effective way. This suit is designed in small structure, easy operating, easy maintaining and high efficiency. It can finish its job perfectly and completely.
The main capacity of the vacuum recovery system is to recovery the abrasives accumulated in cabins, oil tanks, or on dry ground and it can also be used to clean the abrasives in some complex structures. The vacuum recovery system design is based on the pneumatic conveying system, using high speed air flow to pick up all the abrasives through a wear-resistant suction pipe and convey the abrasives to the sand storage barrel. It's much more easy for recovery.
 The system has the following features:
It can provide higher productivity compared with the traditional method.
No mechanical movement on the abrasive recovery pipeline, less faults.
The surface of the workpieces can be painted in time.
There's no need to move the vacuum recovery system when operating, and it's easy for maintenance.

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