Vane-type diatomite filter machine

Vane-type diatomite filter machine

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1.       There are two kinds of vane-type diatomite filter: vertical vane-type diatomite filter and level vane-type diatomite filter.
2.       Diatomite filter contains of main machine ,diatomite tank , transfusion pump , measurement pump . The main machine contains of the shuck , filter frame ,compaction system etc.
3.       Apply for
The beverage industry:fruits and vegetables juice , tea drinks ,beer ,yellow wine , white liquor, grape wine ,drink syrup .
Sugar industry : fruit grape syrup , high fruit syrup , grape syrup , sucrose , beer sugar , honey
Seasoning : vinegar , soy sauce , monosodium glutamate
Pharmaceutical industry : antibiotic , vitamin , synthesis blood plasma , Chinese native medicine extract
Chemical product : resin ,inorganic acid ,organic acid , alcohol , benzene , aldehyde , ether and so on
Other : gelatin , bone glue , seaweed rubber , vegetable oil , starch and so on
4.       Features
Sealed cover , prependicular filter Vane ,compact structure ,few movable parts , convenient to maintenance .
Easy to operate , disassembling is unnecessary when cleaning and discharging , low labor intensity.
Superior quality of corrosionproof , long-life for use.
Stable operation ,reliable quality , effective filtering and excellent result.
High production efficiency ,low energy consumption and little loss of beer .
BKD # 619791
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