Velour, PSA discs;sponge sanding blocks

Velour, PSA discs;sponge sanding blocks

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Hook and loop abrasive (velours-backed) is made of flannel aosted on the abrasive paper or cloth backing. It can be punched tocircular, triangle, or other special shapes. It is pasted up hard rubber disc of pneumatic or electric machinery. It is mainly used for the polishing of automobiles, surface and old paint, wood, stone, metal, mold and etc. Abrasive with holes includes hook and loop backed abrasive, rectangle abrasive paper with holes. The strips can go out from the holes, so the workpieces can not be harmed and there is no polution.

Vulcanized fiber disc is made if synthetic resin and abrasives coated on the vulcanized fiber backing. It is ideal for removing rust, paint, deburring, polishing welding seam. It is mainly used for ship, automobile, aviation, machinery, instrument, bridge, building and etc

Double faced disc
Paper disc, cloth disc with two side sanding, 25mm hole or 40mm hole is ok for this disc.

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