veneer marquetry

veneer marquetry

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Future wood co.,ltd
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We are Future wood co.,ltd and we Specialize in natural veneer, engineered veneer, wooden inlay /banding, marquetry, veneer edge banding and flooring veneer, Our products are  cherry , walnut ,birch , ash , oak , maple ,teak, mahogany , ebony, zebra , beech veneer, sapele ,anigre,  etc. 
Below are dimension:
Veneer Thickness:0.5-2mm;width:10cm and up;length:1.4M-2.7M and up
Engineered veneer:640mm*2500mm*0.5mm
Veneer Edge banding : Thickness:0.2mm-2mm; length:100m or200m/roll;Pre glued is available. Upright line/grain is also available. 
Wooden inlay banding : Thickness:0.5mm-2.0mm;Width:3mm-150mm ;Length:1.2Meter
Flooring veneer: 930mm*90mm*0.5-2mm
Also we can supply you veneer in rolls with back fleece or paper back, fixed width or sanded. Our products will be your best choice for the competitive price and good quality. 
Please contact us if you have any demands and Welcome your special order.
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