Versatile Mobile Phone Charging Station Supplier

Versatile Mobile Phone Charging Station Supplier

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A new type of advertising carrier seeking agents

Product features

1 Get four advertising forms together
(1) With a LCD, it can play video advertisement;
(2) With a light box, it can post light case advertisement.
(3) With a brochure basket, it can help you handing out your brochures.
(4) The machine body itself is a 3D ad carrier, you can print beautiful ad pictures on it.

2 Change passive ad to active one
When mobile phones is charging, their owners will appreciate the advertisements consciously. This kind of active advertisement is better than the others.

3 Specifically advertising viewers
Main targets of Chaliyuan mobile phone charging station are mobile phone users. Advertisements, which are effective among general people, will be more effective among those mobile phone users.

4 Exclusive ad carrier
Regional exclusive agent is our principle. If you obtain agent right in one region, you will get the exclusive management right in this region.

5 Better feeling of geniality
What Chaliyuan provides for the users is mobile phone urgent charging service. Furthermore, social services such as disinfection and memory elimination for free will undoubtly increase its geniality.

6 Low investment, high return
(1) Chaliyuan mobile phone charging station will bring more service functions for its located place to promote enterprise image and improve competitive power. It is easy to set up the machine with less expense, even no expense in many located places.
(2) As a new type advertising carrier, not only can Chaliyuan earn advertisement fee as other mediums, but it can also obtain continuous slot profit.
In a word, being a new type of advertising carrier, Chaliyuan has uncompared performance-to-price tatio and unique afvertising effect. Choosing chaliyuan mobile phone charging station means choosing market, profit and development.

Suitable places
Chaliyuan mobile phone charging station is suitable for stations, ports, air ports, paper stalls, schools, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, institutions, trains, ships, office buildings, exhibition halls,coffee bars,meeting centers,service halls and scenic spots, etc.

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