vertical assembly machine

vertical assembly machine

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Welding of H section steel is a normal kind in metal structural parts. H section steel is welded and formed from one each of top and bottom flange plate with a web (plate) connected. Normally, web plate is in the middle of H section steel, and two flange plates are of the same width or different and they are symmetric. In addition, there is another unsymmetrical kind which needs to be changed according to structure.
It is necessary to assemble H section steel by special assembly machine and then weld them through spot welding when they are in batch production whichever they are symmetric or unsymmetrical H section steel. Then the section steel will be sent to and welded by a frame type automatic welding machine. This assembly machine is the special equipment designed and manufactured for this function.
It should be pointed out that the plate blanks for assembly of H section steel assembled by this machine should be straight and without bend. If they are curved or not straight due to cutting or sun assembly, they can only be assembled after being straightened.

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