Vibration Sauna Belt

Vibration Sauna Belt

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Microcomputer controlled processor, with automatic adjustment and manual adjustment;
* 280 motor provides strong driving power;
* 4 groups of separately controlled motors;
* 1 way heating wire control
Electric parameters
* Voltage: AC110~220V/50Hz
* Power: <20W
* Power supply: 12V1600mA
* Massage motor: 280 X 4
* Heating wire: 13, 154CM
* Digital tube: 2 digits, 15X14mm
Function introduction:
*The product is allocated inside with 4 motor vibration devices, and it has such functions as function selection and intensity adjustment.
*Connect with the power, the control panel will carry out self-check with '88' displayed and the LED will be on. At the same time, the buzzer will whistle for 1 second to make the device stand by.
* Standby display: the digital tube will display '', without display of LED indicator lamp. The digital tube will display the countdown time. But when selecting the mode or adjusting the intensity, the digital tube will flash to display the current mode or intensity. Within 3 seconds after the adjustment is confirmed, the digital tube will switch to time display.
1. POWER/HEAT button:. Under stopping status, press this button, the product will enter into initial working status, , automatic timing of 15 minutes. Under starting status, press this button to start or stop heating function, and the indicator lamp 'HEAT'will make indication correspondingly. Press this button continuously for more than 2 seconds to cut off the power supply.
2. MODE button: under starting status, press this button to select working mode. 8 kinds of modes repeat in turn!
3. INTENSITY button: under starting status, 3 levels are provided for intensity selection.
4. TIME button: under starting status, the timing can be adjusted. 05-15-25-FF (no timing) repeat in turn!

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