Vickers Vane Pump(20V,25V,35V,45V)

Vickers Vane Pump(20V,25V,35V,45V)

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We manufacture complete new and replacement Vickers V & VQ vane pumps, V10, V20 vane pumps, v2010 vane pumps, Yuken PV2R all series vane pumps, SQP sing and double vane pumps.

Advantage of our vane pumps are as below: 

1. High interchangeable with genuine products; 2.Excellent performance and low noise; 3.Competitive prices and Prompt delivery.

Models we are producing: 20V, 25V, 35V, 45V, 20VQ, 25VQ, 35VQ, 45VQ, 4535V, 3525V, 4520V, 3520V, 2520V, 4535VQ, 3525VQ, 4520VQ, 3520VQ, 2520VQ, V10, V20, V2010 series, Yuken PV2R1, PV2R2, PV2R3, PV2R12 PV2R13, PV2R23. All shafts and flanges of pumps can be availabe.
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