Video Door Phone For sale

Video Door Phone For sale

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Metal Detector for Sale, Hand Held Metal Detector, Hand-Held Security Detector, Walk through Metal Detector, Multi zone walk through Metal Detector, GPS Tracker, GPS Navigator, Spy Gadgets.

Leading Supplier of metal detectors, door frame metal detectors, Walk Through Metal Detectors, security metal detectors, electronic metal detectors. Also offers security systems like dome cameras, zoom cameras, DVR systems and video door phones.

articles need to be checked for safety.

Uniform Detection
The field of detection is uniform from top-to-bottom with no hot spots or dead spots.

In situations where large amounts of steel re-bar exist in a support floor and cause a drop in detection at ankle height; The loss can be compensated by adjusting the sensitivity of the floor level zone. The sensitivity of all six zones can be adjusted independently. They allow uniform detection to be maintained in all regions of the detector. Horizontal Axis Gain Control compensates for detection losses caused by external metal in walls or furniture. It adjusts the sensitivity horizontally across each zone.

Multiple Operating Frequencies:
Provides eight user selectable operating frequencies. They
Allow simultaneous operation of multiple units without interconnecting slaving cables.

Utilizes an embedded microprocessor that analyzes data generated by 12 detection sensors. Whenever adjustments are made to any operating parameter they are automatically retained in memory.
When detector is powered down the previously entered perating parameters are retained in memory.

Coated in a durable scratch resistant two part epoxy finish.
The Side Panels and Header Assembly are sturdily constructed for stability and

System Diagnostics:
Has self-diagnostic test routines. When the unit is powered up it automatically self-tests and calibrates itself to the surrounding environment.
Periodic calibration is not needed.
We Provide Proffesional manual including following infomation:
Adjusting Security Level
O. T. P. Security Level
Suggested Security Level for O. T. P.
F. A. A. Three Gun Test
Suggested Parameters for Three-Gun Test
Industrial Applications
Loss Prevention Application
Eliminating False Alarms
Operating Multiple Detectors in Parallel
Achieving Uniform Detection
Support Floors With Excessive Structural Metal
Need For Detection Enhancement
Maintenance and Repair Warranty Full one year.
BKD # 204418
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