Vitiligo Cure Handheld Unit

Vitiligo Cure Handheld Unit

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Product Details

User Instructions and Technical Description of the Vitiligo Cure Handheld Device in English language. 

We sell and deliver to Doctors offices, Health stores and Dermatology Clinics, such as Specialist Clinic for Dermatology located in the worldwide.

Your are buying a original product manufactured by  Derma Optic and Electronic Technique Co., Ltd  in China. They contain the original Philips PL01 uv-b/311nm narrowband lamp and are certified by EN ISO 13485.
The product comes in a hardshelled plastic case which protects it from any damage. 

The Security and the Post Office of your country now requires the telephone number of the party receiving the goods. please provide your complete telephone number including area code, and adress when ordering the goods. failure to do so will cause a delay. 


 Comb 2 Years excluding glass breakage. Bulb 2 year`s excluding breakage. 
Certificate: EN ISO 13485

Holder of Certificate: Derma Optic and Electronic Technique Co., Ltd /Chongqing, China


UV-B/311nm - Psoriasis - Vitiligo 
The scope of delivery contains the UV-comb, the comb attachment, the UV-protective googles, and the LCD-timer. 
The product comes in a hardshelled plastic case which protects it from any damage. 

Technical Data:

Mains voltage: 210-230V /50Hz  
Connecting cable: 3 m with plug ballast unit 
Built-in fuses: 2 micro fuses T6.3H 250V 
Radiant tube: 1×PL-S 9W/01 lamp 
Protective tube: highly impact-resistant plastics, transparent 
Net weight: 0.68kg(without packaging) 
Packed weight 2kg (with packaging) 
Packed dimensions 36(L) x 30(W) x 10(H)cm  

Manufacturer certification: EN ISO 13485 
Subject to technical alterations. 

Special characteristics: 
Light-guiding, rounded comb attachment for a smooth and precise spot treatment of the scalp. Wide treatment area. Lightweight and handy construction. Short treatment time. 
Easy and quick to clean. Ideal for in-home therapy. High-quality workmanship. Ageless design 

1. In narrowband-UVB-therapy in every treatment the treatment should be extended as long as 

    just still no sunburn (erythema) is caused. 
2. Before treating Psoriasis remove as much flaking skin as possible because the radiation 

    hardly penetrates the flaking skin. 
3. For treatment of not hairy skin without comb the device should be moved in a minimum 

    distance to the skin (roughly 1 centimetre).
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