water based piezo inkjet printer micolor WJ1545

water based piezo inkjet printer micolor WJ1545

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Made in China
Focus quality output onytime
Print Articles:
The printer adopts fifth piezo print head with 24.5mm width and 8 lines nozzles. What's  more, every line contains 180 nozzles, and total 1440 nozzles.
Adopts advanced variable dot print technology, and minimum dot reach 3.5pl, maximum 27pl. And it has many kink of print cooperation of variable dot. So it shows VSDT technology print quality perfectly.
With particular two-dimesion smart eclosion and wave eclosion print function, it can eliminate Bandmg in printing process.Working in high precision print technology it realizes higher print quality.
Can select many types of print modes. Under 720X720dpi mode it can out 14m2 per hour. Under poster mode the printing speedcould reach up to 28m2 per hour.
It supply input mode of dual 4 clor\6 color\8 color which can satisfy different request of output and realize more perfect quality.
Adopts standard 4 color print which outputs delicately and colourfully. And it is applied to advertising production and other high demand for multicolor output.
Features Articles
The printer supply automatically cutting paper system then user can select auto or handle conveniently and save both time and labour.
The printer has most advanced intelligent head cleaning and water-keeper equipment, safe and convenient maintain maintain function. So, user can print any time without fear
The system supplys 6 pass print mode. Thus user can select multi-material of prinng.. The printer is equipped with eight 500ml big cartridges which spply ink for one line nozzle separately, so it ensures output big heavy pictures with high speed.
The printer takes lead to launch quick dry ink which can dry immediately after output, moreover hard to return the humidity and viscidity.
**Hardware Articles
Since precise gear-occlude directly transmission is adopted, transmission precision is highter and longevity is longer.
Printer adopts famous brand guide rail-THK, so it is more stable, longevous and lower yawp during movement.
Adopts special fluid damp feeding paper system and equipped with high quality fluid damp, thus feeding paper processor is more precise and smooth.
Printer is equipped with highspeed USB-Hi USB technology interface which can access to transfer speed 480M/s maximum. What's more, it is PNP, convenient and speedy.Meanwhile it supplys internet print interface easly and realizes print request of different area or LAN.
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