water (ground) heat pump

water (ground) heat pump

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Yair air conditioner
Yangzi industrial development zone, chuzhou, anhuui, 239000, China
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1.Roted power from: 2.9kw~216kw
2.Application area: office building, hotel, hospital, mall, housebuilding, school, virra, and ect.
3.Use the water as the source for cooling and heating. It is a high efficient and energy saving air conditioner system, which EER reach 5~6.5
4.Upper-thin design is easy to be installed, water pipe matched simply, 
5.More saving cost comparing with the normal center air conditioner , no need for special cooling room and air handling line.
6.Independently account the terminal electric cost.
Contact : Ms semy
Email: semy(at)yair(.)cn

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