Waterproof glue

Waterproof glue

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Material composition: butyl rubber with polyisobutylene such as main raw materials blending, according to the special production craft, using the latest patented technology, selects the high quality special polymer materials (imports), through special process to produce environmentally friendly (conform to the requirements of the RoHS) sealing adhesive materialsrubber
    Rubber features: (1) excellent mechanical properties: high bond strength, tensile strength, elasticity, good extension performance, strong adaptability to deformation and cracking; for interface 

(2) the stable chemical properties: it has excellent chemical resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance, aging resistance to uv light, low water vapor transmittance; 

(3) the application of reliable performance, its waterproof, sealing, low temperature resistance and good follow, size stability is good; 

(4) simple operation process. 

Scope of application: (1) the material such as glass, metal, plastic, good bonding strength, 

(2) the electronics industry of speakers system installation, sealing and reinforcement, shock absorption, sound absorption and noise; 

(3) in the refrigerator, air conditioner sealing, damping and sound absorption and noise; ,; 

(4) the edge of kitchen cabinets, bathtub, basin, sink and walls, walls and walls between the seal; 

(5) in the automotive, Marine assembly waterproof sealing treatment; 

(6) meet the waterproof seal of place in steel structure construction process; 

(7) metal parts of electrical insulating sealing, flame retardant. 

Packing specification: (1) the circular (cross section); 

(2) a square (this); 

(3) a rectangle (this); 

(4) cement.
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