Wax Injection Machine

Wax Injection Machine

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Wax Injection Machine
Specification     MMY11-2-10 
Power ,V  380-440V AC
Installed Power,kw   14.5 
Mold Clamp Force,T      10 
System Pressure,MPa   14.0 
Wax Injection Pressure,MPa       2-11 
Wax Injection TEMP  30-90 
Wax Cylinder Volume,L    80 
Platen Speed close,mm/S     42 
Injection The Wax Speed, L /S   0-0.3 
Injection The Wax Time,S   0-99 
Quantity Of Wax Injecting /one time,   0- 2.4 
Work Area Size(L*W*H),mm 520×400×360 
Contour Size(L*W*H),mm 2350×1270 ×1800 
Weight ,kg             1700kg 
Description: This machine is applied in investment casting industry to shape many kinds of medium and small scale wax patterns of complicated shape, high quality and great precision; Model MMY11-2-10 adopts PLC electric control and has strong adaptability to enviorenments and low malfunction ratio; it can well coordinate different wax injection pressures to improve the surface quality of wax pattern to the highest extend.
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