Wet Ball Mill

Wet Ball Mill

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The structure and working principle of the wet ball mill is similar to ordinary ball mill, but because the carrying medium is water, the system composition and operation has two distinctive features:

(1) Two-level separation system constitutes two recycling boxes, recycling pump and cyclone to adjust the fineness and concentration of solid particles in the product slurry;
(2) All system box tank, pumps, pipes, mixers are lined with rubber or anti-corrosion materials to protect the pipe junction with mechanical sealing compound.

The structure of the wet ball mill
The cyclone is the key separation equipment of particles , structure of which is the same with centrifugal cyclone. The slurry from the tangential direction enters into the body rotation, under the influence of centrifugal force, the large size of the particles being left to the cylinder wall to bring out the down stream by the end of the cyclone, the small size of the particles brought up to the center tube then bring out from the overflow. The underflow nozzle in the bottom is removable nozzle, and by using different caliber, you can adjust the ratio of the underflow and overflow. Slurry solids separation efficiency of cyclone entrance depends on the structure of the cyclone (cylinder diameter, entrance size, the center tube diameter and insertion depth, etc.) and operating conditions (inlet slurry speed, the entrance of solid particle size, etc.). When the entrance of solid particles under certain conditions, improving the entrance of the slurry speed can expand the separation efficiency of the cyclone so that to achieve the smaller solid particles in the overflow.
2.System circulation rate
The circulation ratio K is the  ratio of  solid quality in cyclone inlet and solid mass in the overflow. Without considering the level of recycling boxes, the entire system of circulation ratio K should be the product of the two cyclone circulation ratio. The greater K value ,the more solid return back to the mill for re-milling in the system. The more system power consumption, the more uneconomical. So it should be based on the premise that ensure the system output and the product fineness, to minimize the circulation ratio of the system.
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