whirlpool tubs

whirlpool tubs

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whirlpool tubs
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Thermostatic Temperature Control: This will mix the hot and cold water to a specific temperature before it enters the bath. The valve regulates the water temperature to eliminate dangerous fluctuations that could scald, while also adding convenience. 

Water Massage System: A water jet system is standard with most whirlpool baths where water is drawn into a water pump and forced out through jets that line the sides of the bath. The massage jets ease tight muscles and stimulate connective tissue, while the air bubbles give you a feeling of carefree weightlessness and clean your skin especially thoroughly. Blood flow to the skin is also increased. Metabolism is stepped up and the autonomic nervous system enjoys beneficial effects. Your brain releases endorphins, hormones that increase your feeling of well-being. 

Adjustable Water Jets: The ability to vary water jets intensity is fundamental to maximizing your hydro massage experience. A special dial varies the speed at which water is pushed out through the water jets. Check that all jets are adjustable. 

Air Massage System: An air jet system provides an extra massage option with a completely different experience. Air is blown up through the water from underneath the user and is in addition to the water jets that line the sides of the bath. 

Adjustable Air Jets: GOLD MEDAL employs a digital control system that allows you to control the intensity of the streams of air that bubbles up through the water. 

Cleaning System: This feature has been specially designed to clean the pipes that circulate the water around the whirlpool bath. Simply unscrew the lid and put in a suitable cleaning solution and then run the cleaning system with the control panel as directed. 

Underwater lighting: Underwater lighting is an aesthetic feature that will help create an ambience to compliment the bubbling water. The lighting can be colored or white depending upon the chosen model. 

Handheld shower: Enabling you to wash off any leftover suds or bubble bath, this is a highly desirable feature. 

Air regulator: To help avoid problems where the back jets can be blocked by a larger user, the air regulator will diffuse the extra pressure and allow the bath to continue normal operation. 

Foam headrest: For added comfort check that the whirlpool bath has a durable, water-proof, padding headrest. 

Water present & level sensor: 
To protect the water pump from being operated with the absence or lack of sufficient water, a sensor can detect the current water level. This will help protect both the water pump itself and the user before and during the hydro massage session.  
Residual Current Device: 
This simple device is important where water and electricity have the chance of coming into direct contact. An RCD will immediately turn-off all power to the unit if an imbalance in the phase of the current is detected. Make sure you have an RCD installed.
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