white crystallized glass 2x2 cm square mosaic

white crystallized glass 2x2 cm square mosaic

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Sanlong Minicrystal
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Renfu industrial park, Shuitou town, Nanan city,Fujian China, Shuitou, Fujian, 362342, China
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Product Details

Type: artificial stone


Size: 1200*2400 mm

         1400*2400 mm

         1400*3000 mm

         10-30mm thick  (cut to size available ) 

Kitchen top bespoken, all kinds of edge options available.

Column bespoken.


Surface finishing: Polished, Honed, Flamed, Sandblasted, Rough hammered, Bush hammered, Rough picked, Mushroom, Axe-cut, etc.


Application: Suited for external and internal applications. 

                     1. External and internal wall cladding

                    2. Floor

                    3. Countertop

                    4. Column

                    5. Stairs


Features of Crystallized Glass:  
1. No sealing needed-No natural crack or fissures; Zero water absorption.
2. Heat & Cold nonsensitive-No bonding agent like resin needed. 
2. Strong Hardness-High density; No cracks. 
3. Zero water absorption-Closely interlocked crystals not absorbent.
4. Good weather durability-Fadeless; Acid and alkali resistant; Scratch and stain resistant.  
5. Glistening luster -Striking visual effect. 
6. Non radioactive, non toxic-High temperature heating; Non toxic materials. 


Processing technology: 

Formed like natural marble, Crystallized Glass is a kind of composite marble made by heating crystal granules to more than 1,000 degrees in about 13 hours, with no resins or harmful chemicals used in the process. The crystallization of heated crystal granules gives CG ultimate strength and solidity.


Packing: Fumigated wooden crate, carton and sponge . 


Factory Ad: Renfu industrial park, Shuitou town, Nanan city,Fujian China.


Company registration number: 350583680881728


Payment terms: T/T, L/C
BKD # 619265
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