Wholly computer control,Astic(high-temperature)Extrusions machine

Wholly computer control,Astic(high-temperature)Extrusions machine

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usage:suitable to FEP(gather the whole fluorin B prpylene,also called F46),FPA,ETFE(also called 40) fluorine plastic production
machine description:
Screw cylinder:Adopt the new steel No.3 GH113 (with the American GDA material) able to bear the high temperature corrosion .
Aircrsft nose:Adopt the new steel No.3 GH113 material special-purpose avoids aircraft nose or adjusting aircraft nose.
Heats up system:Suitable to able to bear thehigh-temperature copper alloy .
Quality control:Provides the outer diameter detection feedback device , Control product outside diameter ,concentric limit.etc craft parameter .
Eletictricasl control:Import conversion + touches screen to control.

Teflon extruder production line parameter:
Machine model
Screw diameter
Screw length/diameter
25:1 special-use
Temperature control
6 section
Main machine power
Extrusions capacity kg/h
Conductor diameter(mm)
Insulation diameter(mm)
Electrical control
Controlled inverter +PLC entire journey control
BKD # 731907

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