Window Tint Film

Window Tint Film

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WeeTect Window Tint Film (WTF) is a Nano material coated polyester film featuring both Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) protection screens on the outer layer and an adhesive on the inner layer. WeeTect is one of the capable window tinting film suppliers who can offer high quality home window tinting and car window tint film. 

WeeTect Window Tinting Film (WTF) offers excellent ultraviolet and infrared blocking and abrasion resistance properties as well as color blocking, resistance to impact, and dimensional stability. Compared with the other window tint film suppliers, WeeTect Window Tint Film (WTF) has much better ultraviolet and infrared blocking and abrasion resistance to support your car window tint and residential window tinting. WeeTect is a perfect business partner for you as we only serve for business market with competitive price and sustainable quality.
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