Wine bottling line

Wine bottling line

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Bottle washing, filling and capping of pure water, mineral water, fruit juice and liquor, etc.
Technical features:
The production line is formed by auto bottle washing machine, pressure filling machine,, cap sealing machine, and carrying machine, etc. The key part for washing, filling and sealing are made of high quality stainless steal. This machine features advanced technology, complete system, reliable performance, and plain operation, etc.
3.       Principal parameter
Model	Produce capability	Bottle height	Motor power
ZC-12	CYG-12	WFG-4	1000-2000b/h	160-300mm	3.05kw
ZC-18	CYG-12	WFG-6	2000-4000b/h	160-320mm	4.17kw
ZC-24	CYG-12	WFG-8	3000-8000b/h	160-340mm	4.82kw
BKD # 348237
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