Wine Column type filter machine

Wine Column type filter machine

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1.       Apply for
Beer , yellow wine , syrup , beverage ,and some biology juice industry .
2.       Filter principle
This type of machine contains front amortize equipment , main machine , back amortize equipment , beer reclaim and some other equipment .The filter material is also diatomite , born the filter plat from diatomite ,then filter the beer .
3.       Features
The material is stainless steel , accorad to the requirement of the GMP.
The candle filter is imported with orininal pachking ,high percision.
PLC robotization control. Easy to control .
Constant flow filter , the demand of the diatomite is low .
Frequency conversion control of the diatomite.
The filter degree can be sellted , by automaton and high filtration fineness.
BKD # 619794
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